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96.5FM - Egyptian Radio Show with Jerry Guirguis interviewing Moustafa Awad [ Monday 7 January 2019 ]

96.5FM – Egyptian radio show with Jerry Guirguis, interviewing Mr Moustafa Awad on the question of, Are Copts better off under a Sisi government, Melbourne Australia,

[ Monday 7th January 2019, Time 9:00pm ].


1] Are Copts better off under a Sisi government ?

2] Egypt is an Islamic State by it’s Constitution,

    will there be a trade off between Pope Tawadros and President Sisi,

            Sisi gets life-long Presidency and

            Pope Tawadros gets Article 2 deleted from the Egyptian Constitution ?


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Hi and Welcome, Let's talk about Egypt's Constitution;

    How hard will it be to take out these clause from the current Egyptian constitution ? 

            1923 " The religion of the state is Islam" 1923 - 1952 Ver.

            1971, Article 2 : Islam is a source of legislation [ Shari'a]"

            1981, Article 2, Mubarak Ver. "Islam is the principal source of legislation.”


The clause "Islam is the State religion" has been embedded in Egypt's constitution since the first constitution in 1923, which came at the height of Egypt's nationalist movement when there was supposedly no discrimination against Copts and at a time when Copts were very active in politics. Prominent Coptic figures objected to the clause then, but they were overruled. Today it has become a staple feature, and no Muslim but the very highly secular would hear of its being removed. 

When Egypt's current constitution was being drafted in 2013, there was a suggestion of changing this clause to: Egypt is a country with a majority Muslim population, a minority Christian population, and other religions too. But this was overruled. 


The clause 'Islamic sharia is THE principle source of legislation' was introduced by Sadat in 1980 as an amendment to the original 1971 constituent, to control through religion, and appease the Islamists he had empowered. 

Egypt's current constitution says that the PRINCIPLES of Islamic sharia are the main source of legislation. This is considered an improvement over the previous text, especially given that, according to the constitution, it is the Supreme Constitutional Court that decides on these 'principles'.


As obvious, once an Islamic provision is established, it is near impossible, but not altogether so, to go back on it.


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