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Downtown radio show 17/Dec/13 - interview with Daniel Tucceri

Jerry Guirguis & Janet Francis interview Daniel Tucceri live-to-air from the studio of 96.5FM – Downtown [ Tuesday 17th Dec 2013 ].


8:15pm –Our first special guests tonight is Daniel Tucceri, inspired by Chopin’s Second Sonata [ Funeral March ] helped him to overcome his stage fright.


Daniel Tucceri [ South Melbourne Market Pianist ];


After a few keyboards lessons as a child, Daniel Tucceri took up the piano again at 13 and studied it all the way through high school before starting a course at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Eventually, stage fright got the better of him and he didn't sit down to learn another piece for three years until he heard Chopin's Second Sonata listening to the radio whilst studying. This piece is well known for featuring the 'Funeral March', and Daniel was inspired to learn the entire sonata and get involved with playing the piano again. After spending a year heaving bricks and bags of cement, Daniel hung up his boots and decided to confront his stage fright by taking to the streets and busking full time. After a nearly a year of playing on the streets of Melbourne and learning a number of other pieces, Daniel is planning to write about his experiences busking next year, as well as to release recordings of his playing and to play a few concerts.


Welcome to 96.5FM – Downtown, can we start with the following question;



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