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Downtown radio show 19/Nov/13 - interview with Mirella Alessio

Jerry Guirguis & Janet Francis interview Mirella Alessio live-to-air from the studio of 96.5FM – Downtown [ Tuesday 18th Nov 2013 ].

8:15pm – Our special guests tonight is Mirella Alessio, Global consultant on how to achieve balance with therapeutic grade essential oils.


Mirella has always had an interest in health sciences, biology and the way the body naturally works, completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in the Health Sciences field in the late 1990’s.

With her background in health sciences Mirella has been working in the health care industry for nearly two decades across many areas. She also has a love of creating and visual art, drawing and painting as far back as she can remember.

In more recent years she has connected with her interest in exploring the way the body can heal naturally both on a physical and emotional level. Mirella has experienced many beautiful natural techniques and therapies involving gifts from nature and healing energy and has combined the powerful healing potential of creation and self expression with art. Currently Mirella is studying visual art at RMIT which will lead into an art therapy path and has also completed a meditation course.

Mirella is a Young Living Essential Oils distributor and encountered these beautiful therapeutic grade essential oils in 2007. She has been using and sharing the Young Living essential oils since then and enjoys the healing and contribution made to other people’s lives.

The art and relaxation sessions offered by Inner Soul Oils and Art combines many techniques including meditation, tranquil and inspiring music, essential oils and creative energy to find a place of calm, peace and fulfilment.

Inner Soul Oils and Art offers a relaxed, supportive and warm space where people tap into their creative energy to generate stillness, calm, fulfilment and a deeper connection with self. It’s an opportunity to take time out of the usual everyday busy lifestyle to relax, replenish the soul and connect with unique inner creativity (everyone has it).


Mirella Alessio

0407 623 262


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