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Egyptian radio show - 10 Feb 2014 - Dr Saba Bebawi

Jerry Guirguis interview Dr Saba Bebawi , Live-to-air from the studio of 96.5FM–Egyptian radio program [ Monday 10th Feb 2014, Melbourne-Australia ].

6:30pm – Our 1st special guest tonight is Dr Saba Bebawi, Lecturer in Journalism at Swinburne University of Technology

Saba is a journalism and media researcher, with special interest in the role of media in democracy-building.     

Saba holds a PhD on the topic of international news and alternative representation from the University of Melbourne, an MA research on media policy for community radio from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and an MA in Communications from Monash University.

Saba has practical experience as both a broadcast and print journalist within Australia and internationally since 1995.

Saba was a broadcaster/producer for Radio Jordan English service for four years,  worked  for CNN, World New Events (USA), and Dubai TV and SBS, 3ZZZ .

Dr Saba Bebawi
Lecturer Journalism
Faculty of Life and Social Sciences
Swinburne University of Technology
Melbourne, Australia

03 9214 4695

Hi & Welcome ……..;

Q1] How did Social Media [ Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, change the way news is reported & delivered ?

Q2] Let’s talk about the flow of information that is made available to everyone these days. Has Mainstream news lost complete power, they don’t have everyone reporting on their books,  ]so who owns what ?

Q3] When Kevin Rudd defeated Julia Gillard in Labor leadership spill [ June 26th 2013 ]

5,000 twitter post/min.  

2,000,000 tweets expressed their anger to Myer CEO Bernie Brookes with his comments on the National Disability Insurance Scheme [NDIS]

What does this mean to media moguls ?

Q4] Let’s talk about Media and Sovereignty [ The Global Information Revolution ]

Do we currently protect our Australians from Foreign news items ?

Do we currently restrict foreign media moguls from entering Australian media Sovereignty ?

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