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Egyptian radio show - 10 Feb 2014 - Hala Abdelnour

Jerry Guirguis interview Hala Abdelnour, Live-to-air on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio program [ 10th February 2014, Melbourne-Australia ].

6:45pm - Our 2nd special guest is Hala Abdelnour.

Hala  Abdlenour, with Psychology and Social Work degrees from Melbourne University, Co-founded the Melbourne University Arabic Culture Club and was elected President for 3 consecutive years. 

In 2003 she was selected to represent Arabic youths on the Victorian Arabic Social Services (VASS) Committee of Management.  

Worked as a Drug & Alcohol Counsellor and community development coordinator

In 2005, Hala was awarded Victorian Multicultural Ambassador for the 15-25 age group and in 2009 she graduated as a Vincent Fairfax Fellow. 

In 2012 she moved to Doha Qatar for work as events manager.  

Hi & Welcome …,

Q1]  What type of work do you do

Working with communities in tackling social and racial tensions and enhancing Australia’s image as a world leading nation on diversity issues.

Q2]  Do you belong to any social justice group and what do you advocate?

Since 2004 she has been the Director of Global Echo Consultants & Trainers, which was established to work alongside various communities in Australia and overseas to strengthen the voice of those who are often silenced.  

Q3]  What are your messages?

On community politics and cross-cultural trends with a focus on migrant / refugee issues, gender equality and interfaith dialogue.

Young people growing up in Australia battling with dual cultural identities   

Q4]  How does social media help with your objectives? Would you prefer to demonstrate on social media or out on the streets?

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