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Egyptian radio show - 11th August 2014 - interview with Paddy McHugh

Jerry Guirguis interview Paddy Mchugh, Managing Director – Australian Camel Farm, supplying Australian Camels and products to anywhere in the world, Mr Mchugh will be speaking to us Live-to-air on 96.5FM studio – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 11th August 2014, Melbourne ].


6:15pm – Our 1st special guests tonight is  Paddy Mchugh, just returned from Korea August 2014, after exporting Live Australian Camels, Australian

Camel Farm export destinations include UAE, Thailand, New Zealand and Japan.      Australia’s domestic Live Camel market as a business segment, has been growing steadily over the past 30 years, Australian buyers of Live Camels include Racing industries, Tourism and Farmers for the purpose of controlling weeds on their property.


Paddy McHugh 

Managing Director 
Australian Camel Farm Pty Ltd 
TOWNSVILLE Queensland 4810.  

[email protected]

Phone: 07 4721 6720 
Mobile: 0427 21 6720 
Satellite: 0420 10 6720


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