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Egyptian radio show - 13th Apr 2015 - interview with Australia's Ambassador to Egypt - H.E. Neil Hawkins

Jerry Guirguis interview H.E. Mr Neil Hawkins, Australia’s Ambassador to Egypt, talking to us Live-to-air phone hook-up on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 13th April 2015, Melbourne Australia, English Edition, 6:30pm = 10:30am Cairo ].

6:30pm – Our special guests tonight is H.E. Mr Neil Hawkins

Minister for Foreign Affairs - The Hon Julie Bishop MP

Ambassador to Egypt

Media release - 6 March 2015   [ ]


Appointment of Mr Neil Hawkins as Australia’s Ambassador to Egypt, with concurrent accreditation to Sudan and Eritrea.


Let’s not forget the tremendous work that Dr Ralph King delivered, over the last 4 years, at the Australian Embassy in Egypt.


Hi and welcome, can we start with ......................

Congratulation on your new post, Australia’s Ambassador to Egypt

            Welcome to our Australian-Egyptian community radio English listeners.


Your Excellency,

One huge task will be to look after and grow the current trade b/w Australia and Egypt

            Trade is at A$m 495   ……as at 2013

            If Australia stops exporting  $154(A$m) in Wheat alone

            We would be left with 215 = 495 –  154





Q1] What are your immediate plans ?



            International community’s has softly allocated $158 Billion in investing into Egypt

            Egypt the Future - economic summit, held in Sharm El-Sheikh from 13 to 15 March 2015


Q2] is that a strong sign, to cement a future for Egypt ?



            Anzac day 2015 [ 100th Anniversary ]

Q3] What will it mean to you to commemorate Anzac Day dawn service 2015 in Egypt?





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