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Egyptian radio show - 13th Apr 2015 - interview with Iain Hewitson [ Big Huey ]

Jerry Guirguis interview Iain Hewitson [ Big Huey ],  New Zealand-born chef and author who moved to Australia in 1972. Loved by his television Network TEN viewers, Live-to-air, via phone hook-up on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio program [ Monday 13th April 2015, Melbourne-Australia ].

6:15pm - Our 1st special guest tonight is Iain Hewitson

            Food fit for Anzac's 100 years ago and what do we cook & serve here in Melbourne on Anzac day ? 



Hi and welcome

can we start with ......................

Q1]  You've been in this food industry for a long time, 

                      Is it because you’re dishing out excellent food that people keep coming back, or it’s a total package [ Atmosphere, Price, Sharp Kitchen Staff... 


Q2]  Let's talk about Anzac, now days, our defence force are well fed, 

                     Do we know what they had 100 years ago on the battlefield ?


Q3]  What will you cook & serve to your friends and family on this special 100th years of Anzac day ?  


Q4]  The community in South Melbourne are lucky to have your new restaurant open there,

                            Can patrons bring in there Iain book for autograph ?


                            Big Huey's Diner

                            315 Coventry St, South Melbourne 3205

                            03 9686 1122




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