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Egyptian radio show - 14th Apr 2014 - Nicholas Chalas and Minas Costaras [ EEAMA club]

Jerry Guirguis interview Nicholas Chalas and Minas Costaras, Executive members of The League of Greeks from Egypt and Middle East [ EEAMA ], live to air from our 96.5FM studio – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 14th Apr 2014, Melbourne ]


6:15pm – Our 1st special guests tonight will be Nicolas Chalas and Minas Costarasi, talking to us about the Greek-Egyptian night 17th May 2014.


Nicholas Chalas - Assistant Secretary

Sports, Cultural, Youth Sub-committee, Coordination


Married with two children. I was born in Alexandria Egypt and arrived in Melbourne in 1966 and worked in various occupational disciplines whilst studying part time. I Completed HSC (VCE) by studying at night classes and then enrolled as a mature age student at RMIT and Latrobe University. I continued studies by transferring from Latrobe to Monash University where I completed a BSc Degree at Monash University.
I worked for the EPA as a Scientist and have been semi-retired since 2005. 

Since 2005 I have worked as a teacher / sessional lecturer at Swinburne TAFE focusing on Industrial Waste Management & Assessment,
Ecology; Chemistry & Geology. I also worked as a Consultant in these fields. In addition I work part time as an Interpreter for the Law Courts and for Medical cases within Clinics, Hospitals and
Rehabilitation/Community Health Services. 

I joined EEAMA as a financial member in 1968 and I consider the EEAMA's Youth Sub-committee to be a priority for EEAMA's future.
I recently supervised and helped coordinate the EEAMA group during the trip to Egypt in 2010. I frequently write and publishing Articles, mainly about EEAMA's Youth activities, in the Club's bimonthly magazine, Sphinx.
I am also a former team-member of EAMA's volley ball and table tennis teams and have participated in tennis and basket-ball tournaments within the club.


                        Minas Costaras  –  Office Bearer


                                Cultural, Sphinx, Public Relations


EEAMA -League of Greeks from  Egypt and the Middle East


1C Bell Street, Preston


Hi & Welcome         ……., 

can we start with ......................


Q1] When did EEAMA the social club was established ?

 December 17, 1950 under the name "League of Greeks from  Egypt and the Middle East"


Q2] How long has your social club been running ?

In 2010 the club celebrated its 60th anniversary.


Q3] How many members ?

Current membership has exceeded a record 700 financial members. Most members are Greek nationals who lived in Egypt. The majority of the EEAMA members and / or their ancestors had moved from Greece and Cyprus mostly to [1] Egypt,but also to a less extent to other parts of the Middle East.  These people settled in their new home away from their homeland but retained and preserved their language, as well as made it a priority to retain their national and religious identity.




Event :     Greek-Egyptian Night

Date :       Saturday 17th May 2014, 7:30pm

Cost:         $50/person [ Greek-Egyptian traditional meals and drinks, Fantastic floor show, Oriental dances and Greek floor show

Place :           STARS INTERNATIONAL,

                       1C Bell Street, Preston

Contact :  Tony Collivas         0413 486 558, 

                 Con Papadopoulos 0431 688 180 , 9469 3066 [AH] 



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