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Egyptian radio show - 17 Feb 2014 - Mohamed Khairat

Jerry Guirguis interview Mohamed Khairat, Live-to-air from the studio of 96.5FM–Egyptian radio  [ Monday 17th Feb 2014, Melbourne-Australia ].

6:15pm – Our 1st special guest tonight is Mohamed Khairat, Editor & Founder of the  [ ~ 25,000 likes on facebook ]

Hi & Welcome …, last time we had you on our program [ 19 Aug 13 ], you were finishing Journalism at Melbourne Uni. How did you go? What are you doing now ?

Q1]      Let’s talk about The Global Information Revolution/Freedom of Press Vs Australian National Sovereignty. What is the process & procedures when compiling a report that has Australian National security elements ? 

Egypt interim Government declared the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist organization on the 25th Dec 2013 Our own Australian journalist, Peter Greste, due to face Egyptian civil court on 20th Feb 14, detained since 29th Dec 2013,


1] Joining a terrorist group         [ Muslim Brotherhood Organization

2] publishing false news            [ Al-Jazeera Network

3] working in Egypt without a media permit or clearance to work for Al-Jazeera English's Cairo bureau

4] harming Egyptian nation security

For Peter Greste, do you think he should have practised When in Rome, do as the Romans do?

Q2]      What’s your opinion ? 

16th Feb 13 - Independent Senator Nick Xenophon was detained in Malaysia as a ‘‘security threat’’ and was deported back to Australia.

Senator Xenophon, raised serious concerns about the integrity of Malaysia Election rolls.

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