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Egyptian radio show - 17 July 2017: Interview with Mohammad Karbaschi.

Jerry Guirguis interviews Mohammad [ Peraj ] Karbaschi, Researcher at QUT, with a PhD in plant biotechnology, Mr Karbaschi hopes to grow Dates in Brisbane, Mr Karbaschi will be speaking to us Live-to-air via mobile hook-up here on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 17 July 2017 ] .



Hi and Welcome to 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show, let’s start with;

Q1] Tell us your story, 

                            when did you to arrive to Australia from Iran ?

                            What research are you involved at the moment at QUT ?


Q2] Iran is the 2nd biggest producer of dates in the world, can we in Australia do better ?


Date growing in subtropics, Bangladesh and Thailand,

(as long as the fruits are protected from too much rain, bats and birds).


Originally from Iran (the second biggest producer of dates)


100KG/year of fruit from each tree at retail price of  ~$20/KG.

Considered as a supper food, They are very sweet and could be used as a healthy natural replacement for chocolate and sugar.


Australia can easily become a major world player in the production of dates, with it’s fantastic environment and the advantage of being in the opposite season to its northern hemisphere.


Dates shouldn't have any problem growing in most harshest places in Australia.

Other farming techniques.


The canopy provides a suitable habitat for other plants and even livestock.

Even its leaves could be fed to livestock feed and the shade reduces water loss and heat leading to better grass growth


Obviously it prevents soil erosion and increases water absorption too.


skilled farmers can be brought over to fill the knowledge gap.  





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