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Egyptian radio show - 17th Nov 2014 - interview with Rashad Aziz, Australian Egyptian Meat Exporter

Jerry Guirguis interview Rashad Aziz, Owner and Director of Rashad Aziz Investments, an Australian Meat Exporter, Mr Aziz will be speaking to us on 96.5FM - the Egyptian radio show [ Monday 17th November 2014, Melbourne ].


6:30pm – Our 1st special guests tonight is Rashad Aziz 

An Egyptian, a post 1967 Egypt-Israel war immigrant, by the mid-1970’s, achieving one of Australia's successful business entrepreneur.  

Mr Aziz graduated with Geology & Engineering from Egypt University, had no problems finding his first position in Western Australia's Geology, then later moved into the Oil refineries industry and finally in Teaching, by sheer luck and Australias' good fortunes, started his Australian Meat Exporting entrepreneurship.

“ Egyptians doing well in Australia “ interview series.

By the mid 1970’s, Rashad Aziz Investments, was the first company in Australia to air-freight Chilled Lamb to United Arab Emirates, as the business got a foothold into the Arab and the Egyptian market, the enterprize expanded to accommodate the Persian Gulf Meat Market, till today, the Gulf recognises and pays it's highest respect to Rashad Aziz Investments for supplying the best of the best Australian Meats, today’s Dubia highly thought after meat retail outlets, display “Australian Lamb sold here”, an inspiration to us all.

In 1990, Rashad Aziz Investments and two other companies, traveled with the Australian government delegation [ Cattle Producer, Former chair of the Australian Meat and Live-stock Corporation - Dick Austin , ALMC ] to Russia, Iran and Jordan, to sell 200 million sheep, 40,000 tons went to Russia, 24,000 tons went to Iran, followed by a further 36,000 tons within the first 6 months. 

February 1995 the minister of Trade, Senator Bob McMullan invited Mr Aziz to accompany him, on a 2 days visit to Jordan and Israel for trade on Grain / processed Food / Minerals and Thermal Coal export.

12 years on, Mr Aziz finalised the abattoir operation in South Australia, focusing on a set of new and successful exporting business directions for Rashad Aziz Investments.  



Rashad AZIZ

Exporters of Quality Australian Meat

Suite 303

1 Princes Street, Kew 3101

+61 3 9855 0111

[email protected]





Hi and welcome, can we start with ......................


Q1] You founded the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry [ AACCI ]

               let's talk about those earlier days,

               How hard was it at the beginning, Exporting to Egypt, Iran 

                                                                                        United Arab Emirates [  [ Abu Dhabi, Dubai ], 

                                                                                        Persian Gulf [  Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia ] ?

               and Now, has it got any easier ?


Q2] You were once a Meat Processing company,

       Are you now only operating as an Exporter ?


Q3] In May 2013 - Live Export to Egypt was suspended after footage showing extreme cruelty during the slaughter process

         Has your business significantly increased as a direct result of this issue ?


Q4] Do you Export Camel Meat to Egypt ?


Q5] Are you importing any FMCG from Egypt ?


Q6] Camel Milk is the NEW Superfood,

                  Does Camel Milk powder interest you ?




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