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Egyptian radio show - 18th May 2015 - interview with Mohamed Sabreen, Managing Editor Al-Ahram newspaper Egypt

Jerry Guirguis interview Mohamed Sabreen, Managing Editor Al-Ahram Newspaper Egypt, talking to us Live-to-air phone hook-up on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 18th May 2015, Melbourne Australia, English Edition, 6:30pm = 10:30am Cairo ].


6:30pm – Our special guests tonight is Mr.Mohamed Sabreen, Managing Editor for Al-Ahram Newspaper Egypt.


Hi and welcome, can we start with ......................


                        Ahram Online , Saturday 16 May 2015

                                Egypt court issues preliminary death sentence to Morsi in 'jailbreak case'

                                Court sent its initial ruling of death against Morsi on charges of murder and attempted murder in 2011 prison escape case to grand mufti for review



                        Q1] How did the Egyptians react to this news ?




                        Sunday, 17 May 2015

                                By Amena Bakr, Reuters | Doha 

                                Senior Muslim cleric Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi has condemned death sentences passed on himself, former Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi and

                                105 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood group over a mass jail break in 2011.

                                In a video statement posted on Qaradawi's twitter account on Sunday, the elderly Qatar-based cleric who is also a spiritual leader for the Muslim Brotherhood

                                said the rulings were “nonsense” and violated Islamic law.

                                “These rulings have no value and cannot be implemented because they are against the rules of God, against the people's one will accept it,

                                ” Qaradawi said in the statement, which was broadcast by Al Jazeera's Arabic news channel in Qatar.



                        Q2] What do we understand of Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi ?




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