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Egyptian radio show - 21st Mar 2016, 8:10pm interview with Dr B. Hass Dallal, AO, Executive Director and Company Secretary, Australian Multicultural Foundation

Jerry Guirguis interviews Dr B. Hass Dallal AO, Executive Director and Company Secretary, Australian Multicultural Foundation, will be speaking to us Live-to-air via phone hook-up, 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 21st March 2016, Melbourne Australia, English Edition, 8:10pm AEDT  ].


How did AMF celebrate Cultural Diversity week [ 12th ~ 20th Mar 2016 ] & Harmony Day 2016  [ Today Monday 21st Mar 2016 ] ? 



Dr B. Hass Dallal

Executive Director and Company Secretary

Australian Multicultural Foundation



Hi Hass, thank you for accepting our invitation to be on our 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show,

            can we start with ...................... 



           Q1] Tell us you story, Are you 1st Generation Australian or older ?


           Q2] How big is the Organization, Number of staff, T/O, various assistance programs delivered to communities


           Q3] How did you kick start your Cultural Diversity Week 2016 / How did you go today – Harmony Day  ?

                        Tells us about some of the highlight ?




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