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Egyptian radio show - 22nd June 2015 - interview with Australia Post Safety Partner - Liella Katz

Jerry Guirguis interview Liella Katz, Safety Partner, Australia Post, Liella will be talking to us Live-to-air from our studio here at 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 22nd June 2015, Melbourne Australia, English Edition, 6:30pm ].


Liella Katz

Safety Partner

Postal Services, Mail Network and Postal Safety

Australia Post


1]         My Story ~~~How I crashed my motorcycle into a car that pulled out in front of me !!!!


                A  radio campaign has been launched to encourage drivers to take longer to look for                     motorcyclists.

                The ‘Didn’t see’ campaign    ~ ~ a driver has pulled out in front of a rider -

                [  sondaughter, and husband’s  ]



2]         Australia Post commitment to continual improvement;

                A] Redesigned a paper-based training module with Multimedia engaging training                                program

                B] Employed a Behavioral Scientist to deliver - Motorcycle Mindset workshop to                                posties


                                The science behind why our brains are Hard Wired;

                                                Our brain is designed to conserve energy [ it’s survival thing ], it will workout what is a routine task, put these process into the Autopilot section of our brain to to look after and complete ,       ......  Let’s look at a typical Postie, delivering mail for the past 10, 20 or even 30 years,  their round becomes a routine, the brain has passed this routine to the autopilot, the postie comes complacent, until changes to the regular pattern is of high danger, then the postie will react and deal with road danger.


                                Motorcyclists  are Self-Monitoring  workers

                                                Posties are not like other workers  in a typical workplace                                                               environment,  posties don’t have the luxury of having a supervisor                                                 around them.                                  


                                How do we keep Posties Safe on our roads ?;         

                                Liella Katz [ Australia Post safety partner 6:30pm ]





6:30pm – Our special guests tonight is Liella Katz, Australia Post Partner, looking after Posties’                  Safety.


Hi and welcome, can we start with ......................



3]         Tell us about your work at Australia Post ?

                        Now I invited you here tonight, because I had a motorbike accident and I wanted our community to practice some of the training posties get to stay safe day-in, day-out,        …cars, motorbikes and bicycles share the road, but not all practice the Intense road safety Australian Posties regularly attend.


4]         Australia Post Delivery staff, are Easily identified with their Hi Vis Personal Protective                   gear, Flag on their motorbikes.......


5]         How can our listeners HELP ?,           How do we get the whole Community Involved in achieving ZERO Community Motorcycle Incident ?

                        Australia Post is delivering Safety post cards to your letter box, Please read them and give us your feedback;

                        Looking out for each other                      [ I’ll keep an eye out for you – can I ask you to watch out for me too ? ]

                        Delivering your mail safely                      [ Keep me safe by adequately retraining your pets ….. ]


6]         Lane splitting  / Filtering

            You are not allowed to ride your motorcycle between lines of moving vehicles. You must ride your motorcycle within a lane.






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