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Egyptian radio show - 28 Mar 2016, 8:30pm interview with Joseph Anthony Camilleri OAM, Professor at La Trobe University

Jerry Guirguis interviews Joseph Anthony Camilleri OAM, Professor at La Trobe University, will be speaking to us Live-to-air via phone hook-up, 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 28th March 2016, Melbourne Australia, English Edition, 8:30pm AEDT  ].


Joseph Anthony Camilleri OAM

Emeritus Professor

La Trobe University


Hi Joseph, thank you for accepting our invitation to be on our 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show,

            can we start with ...................... 


In Victoria, we have citizens from 200 countries / speak 260 languages / follow 135 religious faith,

Q1] Is this the reason why Australia’s Multiculturalism policy has been successful, because it feeds into diversification / differentiation  ?


       Ethnic/Unique/Binary Identity,

Q2] Are we longing for singular self serving tribal community support infrastructure, that we can feel we belong to and it serves our purpose ?


The lecture will focus on what lies behind the killing and how best to respond

7th April 2016 6~8:30pm ~ 120 Collins st  [ will terrorism and the ‘war on terror’ ever end?

·         Are we witnessing something entirely new in human affairs?

·         What are its causes? What of the responses of our political leaders?

·         Do they understand the problem? Do they know what to do about it?

·         What of religion – is it part of the problem or part of the solution?

·         And what of society at large?

·         Are we destined to be cannon fodder or at best irrelevant bystanders?

·         Or is there something we can do that will make a difference? 


Q3] How do we turn conservative Muslims/Christians/Jews/right wing groups into ‘good citizens’

                        2013 -   Culture, Religion and conflict in Muslim Southeast Asia ~    Michael d Barr


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