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Egyptian radio show - 29th June 2015, interview with Mike Zafiropoulos Board Chair of C31 - Channel 31

Jerry Guirguis interview Mike Zafiropoulos, Board Chair c31 - Channel 31, will be talking to us Live-to-air via phone hook-up at 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 29th June 2015, Melbourne Australia, English Edition, 6:45pm ].

6:45pm – Our special guests tonight is Mike Zafiropoulos AM, a former general manager of SBS in Melbourne, former mayor of Fitzroy, has been a radio broadcaster and television producer and has been active in public organisations including Multicultural Arts Victoria, the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria and Regional Arts Victoria.



Mike Zafiropoulos [ AM ]




Hi and welcome, can we start with ......................


                Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that community stations would only be licensed until the end of 2015, after that, they would not be granted

                access to broadcast spectrum and Mr Turnbull suggested they use the internet instead, affecting C31 in Melbourne and Geelong, 31 in Brisbane and TVS in Sydney,

                as well as 44 in Adelaide and WTV in Perth.


                Mr Turnbull said the future for community television was online.



Q1] What’s going to happen to c31 at the end of 2015 ?

Q2] How will we watch c31 in the future ?  

Q3] How likely is it for c31 to be given a further 3 years extension, starting 2015 ~ 2019 before all programs are delivered via the Internet ?



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