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Egyptian radio show - 29th Sep 2014 - interview with Mohamed Sabreen, Managing Editor of Cairo Egypt Al-Ahram, one of the largest newspaper in the Arab world.

Jerry Guirguis interview Mohamed Sabreen, Managing Editor of Cairo’s AL – Ahram,  one of the largest newspapers in the Arab world, Mohamed is one of the leading writers in Egypt and Arab countries, Mohamed is one of the delegates visiting Australia on behalf of Australia-Egypt Dialogue, an enterprise established at La Trobe University, the Centre for Dialogue, focuses on the challenges and opportunities by culture, religious and potential diversity, as well as on the practical role for dialogue in conflict situations.


This interview was recoeded on Friday 25th September 2014.


6:30pm – Our 2nd special guests tonight is Mohamed Sabreen, is also Media Advisor for the European Union’s Trade Enhancement Program



Mohamed Sabreen

Managing Editor

Al – Ahram



Hi and welcome

can we start  to Australia  ......................


Q1] Let’s Talk About Australia-Egypt Dialogue, how did it go ?

Q2] Community Leaders, Religious leaders and others were part of this dialogue, what did they say ?

Q3] Peter Greste issue, what’s the solution, what are the people of Egypt saying ?

Q4] The current judiciary system has old guards from the former president Morsi, will Peter Greste get a fair appeal

Q4] When will Egypt complete the task of de-mine El-Alamein

                                    Egypt is the most heavily mined country in the world, more so than trouble spots such as Angola, Afghanistan and Bosnia.

Officials have spent years lobbying their British, German and Italian counterparts for more funding to tackle the problem, largely without success. Although all three countries laid mines, most Egyptians identify Britain as the primary culprit. Egypt was effectively still under British colonial occupation, and many Egyptians believe Britain has a moral responsibility for bringing conflict to Egypt's shores. The other countries have also been quicker to offer financial help on the issue.


Q4] How will the Egyptians pay their respect on ANZAC day April 2015 in Cairo Egypt



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