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Egyptian radio show - 3 Feb 2014 - Joseph Wakim

Jerry Guirguis interview Joseph Wakim, Live-to-air from the studio of 96.5FM – Egyptian radio program [ Monday 3rd Feb 2014, Melbourne-Australia ].

6:15pm – Our 1st special guest tonight is Joseph Wakim [ OAM - Medal of the Order of Australia ], is a multi-award winning writer who has had over 500 printed opinion articles published over 20 years in all major Australian newspapers.   Founder of the Australian Arabic Council and former Multicultural Affairs Commissioner, Public speaker, Interviewed on The Drum, Insight, ABC News 24 , Today Tonight and SBS TV series Once upon a time in Punchbowl.

Joseph Wakim the Author of Sorry we have no space Graffiti -  Arabs out of the country ] book was launched in Sydney on 21 October 2013

Hi & Welcome ……..;

I noticed the Herald Sun published your opinion on 9th Jan 2014 Australia must find balance on Palestinians”

2014 is the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

The Australian government was among the eight nations which abstained from voting on a United Nations general assembly resolution which called for an end to Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.    158 countries voted in favour of the UN resolution, which called for the "prevention of all acts of violence, destruction, harassment and provocation by Israeli settlers".

1997 - The votes were 155 in favour, two against (US and Israel)

1998 - 154-2 .

2004 - 161-7 Australia joined the against under prime minister John Howard.

2009 - for those six years, Australia voted against a two-state solution, with Israel, the US

…, can we start with the following questions ?   ……..

Q1]  By Australia abstaining, is that a balancing act or are we afraid of losing Americans’ protection against our neighbouring countries?

Q2]  Murdoch press is known to support Israel, but what about Fairfax media, they will not cover these issues, is that because Qatar and Aljazeera has bought them and gagged them?

The international court of justice, in its 2004 advisory opinion on the wall being constructed by Israel in the West Bank, concluded that "the Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories (including East Jerusalem) have been established in breach of international law." The three principles for achieving a "two state solution of Israel and Palestine":

1] The land can’t be acquired by war,

2]  All settlements in the occupied territories, including East Jerusalem, are illegal, Israel must withdraw from these occupied territories, grant the Palestinians their right to self-determination,

3] Resolve the Palestinian refugee problem in accord with UN general assembly resolution 194. Kissinger once said to Anwar el-Sadat the former Egyptian president (1970-1981) don't expect to win on the negotiating table what you lost on the battlefield.” ?

Q3]  Is that What Australia saying to Palestinians?

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's spokeswoman said the government's position on voting on Middle East-related resolutions in the UN reflected Australia's support for a two-state solution. "Australia stands ready to assist in any way it can to support the efforts of Israel and the Palestinians to achieve lasting peace, including supporting Palestinian development as an important contribution to the Middle East peace process," she said.

Q4]  What’s your message to our Abbot t Government & our own Democracy

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