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Egyptian radio show - 31 Mar 2014 - Dave & Anita Reilly

Jerry Guirguis interview Dave & Anita Reilly from Gurra Downs Date Company, Live-to-air on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio program [ Monday 31st March 2014, Melbourne ].


6:30pm – Our 2nd guest tonight Dave Reilly, a South Australian based horticultural business, operating a tissue culture date palm nursery [ Phoenix Dactylifera ] and selling Australian premium “table dates”.


Gurra Downs Date Company

08 8583 8314


  •  Dave has recently been awarded a 2012 Nuffield Scholarship which will enable him to study several areas of interest in relation to date palms. 
  • In March 2010 Dave & Anita were awarded the Khalifa International Date Palm Award for Best New Development Project.


Hi         ……., can we start with ......................


Q1]      How many palms trees that are producing dates

Q2]      How many palms will you grow your plantation to

Q3]      Price, will your cost come down or at least stabilise and when will we get better buying price



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