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Egyptian radio show - 3rd Mar 2014 - Egyptian Ambassador to Australia - Dr Hassan El-Laithy interview

Jerry Guirguis interview His Excellency Dr Hassan El-Laithy – Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Australia [ Monday 3rd Mar 2014 ].


6:15pm – Our 1st special guest tonight is His Excellency Dr Hassan El-Laithy, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Fiji, Samoa and Republic of the Marshall Islands.


Hi & Welcome …,


Q1] Let’s talk about Media Freedom [ The Global Information Revolution ] and how it’s challenging Egyptian & Australian Sovereignty.

Q1.1]               How does the newly accepted Egyptian Constitution give Media Freedom to report  fairly  ?

Q1.2]               Does it restrict foreign media moguls from owning or operating in Egypt ?

Q1.3]               Are Legislation, National Security, Policies and Procedures are absolutely clear to all Egyptian Journalists and International organizations operating in Egypt ?


Q2] What is the legitimate process for foreign journalist wanting to work in Egypt ?


Egypt interim Government declared the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist organization on the 25th Dec 2013


Our own Australian journalist, Peter Greste, was in the Egyptian civil court on Thursday 20th Feb 14, he has been detained since 29th Dec 2013, the case has been adjourned for two weeks till Wed 5th March 2014, we understand this trial could take three months.



1] Joining & Aiding a terrorist group                     [ Muslim Brotherhood Organization

2] publishing false & misleading news                  [ Al-Jazeera Network

3] working in Egypt without a media permit or clearance to work for Al-Jazeera English's Cairo bureau

4] harming Egyptian nation security


” Peter Greste wrote.

“The state will not tolerate hearing from the Muslim Brotherhood or any other critical voices. The prisons are overflowing with anyone who opposes or challenges the government.”


Q3] Do you think Peter Greste should have practised [ When in Rome, do as the Romans do ] ?

Q4] Why do you think Mr Greste’s story touched international audience ?



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