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Egyptian radio show - 9th June 2014 - Avi Melamed and Matthew Kalman

Jerry Guirguis interview Avi Melamed and Matthew Kalman, International speakers visiting Melbourne organised by Limmud Oz, speaking at Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation – Monash University, live to air from our 96.5FM studio – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 9th June 2014, Melbourne ]. 6:15pm – Our two special quests tonight are Avi Melamed and Matthew Kalman; International Speaker AVI MELAMED IS Middle East expert, educator and strategic intelligence analyst, Avi Melamed is the Rosenzwog Fellow of Intelligence and Middle East Affairs for the Eisenhower Institute in Washington DC. Avi is a former Israeli senior official on Arab Affairs and intelligence official. His expertise is the current affairs of the Arab and Muslim world and its impact on Israel and the Middle East. Fluent in Arabic and having spent many years in Arab speaking areas, he offers an insider's view of the constantly-changing Middle East and an insight into future regional implications. Avi also founded 'Feenjan - Israel speaks Arabic', a non-profit initiative which presents contemporary Israeli society and culture to the Arab world in Arabic, and enables Israelis and Arabs to discover and discuss issues of common interest. Avi has authored 'Separate and Unequal: Israel's rule in East Jerusalem' (Harvard University Press) and 'Ubrusi', a novel. He is a frequent guest on English and Arabic networks including Al-Jazeera, BBC Arabic and I24. His articles are translated into many languages and are available on international news websites. · Invisible ink: navigating the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks - Sunday at 9:30am H1.25 · Osama Bin Laden is dead and alive: milestones of contemporary militant Islam - Sunday at 1:30pm H1.16 · The living are dead and the dead have no rest: the war in Syria and the realigning Middle East - Monday at 10:45am H1.25 · The rise of a new empire: the Arab awakening and its impact on Israel and the region - Monday at 1:15pm H2.38 International Speaker MATTHEW KALMAN is former editor of The Jerusalem Report, a blogger for Haaretz and co-author of 'Psychobibi' and 'The Murder of Yasser Arafat'. He has reported from Jerusalem since 1998 for TIME, Newsweek, The Guardian, Financial Times, Boston Globe and others. He co-directed 'Circumcise Me: The Comedy of Yisrael Campbell'. · Making movies: motives and messages - Saturday at 7:45pm HB39 · The murder of Yasser Arafat and Middle East peace: impossible with him, impossible without him - Sunday at 10:45am H1.26 · Shoot the messenger: parachute journalism in the Middle East - Sunday at 7:45pm H1.25 · Jesus wept: the persecution of Christians in the Middle East - Monday at 9:30am HB36 · Circumcise Me: The Comedy of Yisrael Campbell - Monday at 5:15pm H1.25 Hi & Welcome ……., can we start with ...................... Jerry Guirguis Presenter 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show 0400 718 817 [+61 400 718 817 ] studio : 03 9457 1718 You can listen to this interview by going to [ ] or CD copy of this interview can be requested by email to: [ [email protected] ]

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