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Egyptian Radio Show interview with Dr Azza Radwan Sedky [ Mon 23 July 2018 ]

Jerry Guirguis interviews Dr Azza Radwan Sedky, Academic writer and political Analyst, on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show Melbourne Australia, [ Monday 23rd July 2018, English Edition, pre-recorded ].


8:30pm Melbourne Time = pre-recorded lunch time in Australia = 7pm Canada [ Dr Azza Radwan Sedky ]

Public holidays in Egypt, Australia and Canada
Q1] Are we taking too many holidays at the cost of the economy ?


How Working Too Much Can Actually Kill You  


Karōshi (過労死), which can be translated literally as "overwork death" in Japanese, is occupational sudden mortality.
  The major medical causes of karōshi deaths are heart attack and stroke due to stress and a starvation diet.
  This phenomenon is also widespread in South Korea, where it is referred to as gwarosa (과로사).


Q2] How many Recreational/Annual Leave days should we be taking anyway ?
       What about those additional sick days we’re entitled to take during the year ?
Q3] Do National holidays boost economy ?
Q4] What about religious holidays, do they just boost our morality or they’re good for the bottom line ?
   The Military of Ancient Egypt



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