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Egyptian Radio Show interview with Matt Awad, Principal Solicitor : M Joseph & Associates Lawyers, talking about The distance or a divorce that separates kids from the other parent, especially around Christmas, Hanuka and Eid [ 18 December 2017 ]

Jerry Guirguis interviews Matt Awad, Solicitor from M Joseph & Associates Lawyers will be speaking to us Live-to-air from our studios, 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 18th December 2017, Melbourne Australia, English Edition, 8:30pm AEDT  ].




Christmas, Hanuka and Eid is a time when we think more of others than of ourselves.


Perhaps it’s the only time of the year when it's imperative that we are not selfish



Yes it’s Christmas, its also Hanuka and soon Eid, Yes we should be thinking more of,


the more vulnerable, the frail and the more dependant


These people and especially the children, should receive our greatest compassion around Christmas, Hanuka and Eid .






            Matt Awad, Principal Solicitor


            M Joseph & Associates Lawyers


            Level 7, 22 William street, Melbourne 3000


            Mobile : 0468 871 144, Phone  : 03 95565420






Tonight i invited Matt Awad once again to comment on a hypothetical scenario,


titled : The distance or a divorce that separates Kids from the other parent, especially around Christmas, Hanukah and Eid.




An Australian female that falls in love with a foreigner, whilst she was on holidays/working O/S, gets married, arranges all Australian papers to have him settle with her in Australia, they have their first child and he gains his Australian Passport,


The father has difficulties in keeping long term employment and with the on-set of Mental Health issues [ Diagnosed in Australia ], the marriage frays




Soon after their good news of the birth of their 2nd child, the mother experiences Post Natal Depression,




The foreign grandparents travel to Australia, stay for six months and then


offer to look after their newly born baby, taking the baby back with them O/S,


while the father accepts treatment for Mental Health and battles with his behavioural issues in Australia




The 2nd Child is now 6 months old, is allowed to travel, is issued with an Australian Passport and travels back with the grandparents to O/S


The grandparents applies and is issued a foreign passport for the now 6 months plus old baby




The Australian mother would like to get her child back, fearing her husband might not continue with his Australian treatment and file for divorce and returns back to his homeland.



You can now listen to the audio on the following link;



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