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Egyptian Radio Show interview with Mr Butros Hanna, Author of FROM FEAST TO FAMINE, Monday 30 October 2017

Jerry Guirguis interviews Mr.Butros Hanna, Egyptian born Author, talking about his latest novel From Feast to Famine, on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 30th October 2017, Melbourne Australia, English Edition, 8:30pm ].


In his 1st fictional novel - Jew, the princess and the Spy

A novel of intrigue and espionage in Cairo-Egypt and Alexandria during World War 2.

     a rich Jewish financier from Alexandria with links to the Jewish Agency,

     a princess who leads a wild life after her beloved husband is killed in a car accident,

     a journalist and the narrator of this story, the son of a Pasha and former minister whose father is forced to resign by the British Occupying Power because

     of his Axis sympathies,

     an American who poses as reporter of the Minneapolis Star Tribune and whose wife is a nymphomaniac,

     and finally the Spycatcher Colonel Armstrong.


Hi Butros, thank you for giving us your valuable time and being on our 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show,

can we start with ...................... 


Q1] were you alluding to the similarities between Boutros Boutros-Ghaly [ former UN Secretary ] with a character in your novel ?  


Current novel [ From Feast to Famine ]  which is based on the author’s family in Egypt,  the lives of upper-class Egyptians from the early 1920's through 1950’s, 60’s

Q2] Copts :  What did they do back then to get rewarded by the Government ?  [ Agricultural lands ]

                        +Historic grudge+

As landowners and successful business entrepreneurs, Copts are the wealthier portion of Minya population, and have been so since the mid-19th century when they actively contributed to the building of the modern Egyptian State during the reign of Mohamed Ali Pasha (1805 – 1848).  For this they were rewarded by the ruler with gifts of wide swaths of agricultural land; many of these lands lay in Minya.


Q3] Does Egypt need to delete it’s Islimist’s elements from it’s Constitution ?,


Q4] Can Pope Tawadros II, push for these Constitutional changes to his friend the President of Egypt ~ Sisi ?


Q5] How can listeners buy your books these days ? [ www.?? Amazon, ...... ??? ]



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