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Egyptian Radio Show interview with Mr Kim Beamish, Monday 2nd Oct 2017

Jerry Guirguis interviews Mr Kim Beamish Australian Filmmaker, Director and Producer, The Tentmakers of Cairo, on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 2 October 2017, Melbourne Australia, English Edition, 8:30pm, Australian Daylight Saving Time ].


Mr Kim Beamish

Filmmaker, Producer & Director

University of Canberra [ Lecturer ]


Hi Kim, thank you for accepting our invitation on short notice, Welcome to our 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show, Melbourne Australia;

Your film premiered in Canberra’s Film Festival November 2015;


Q1] Congratulations on all the accolades you achieved, both from the International and our local film critiques : The Tentmakers of Cairo

What made your story successful in the eyes of the international rhetoric media ?


Q2] The story spans the turbulent years, from Egypt’s 25th January 2011 revolution through to the June 2014 election of Abdel Fatah al Sisi as President of  Egypt;

If you would to cut another film amongst the Café’s of Cairo, what would the people of Egypt be telling ? 


Q3] Oysters from Merimbula are a delicacy, often seen on the menu in fine restaurants across the south-eastern seaboard, but there’s a problems.

Tell us about Oyster ? ; how will your documentary help the growers ?




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