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Egyptian Radio Show at Melbourne Town Hall with HH Pope Tawadros and Melbourne Lord Mayor Mr Robert Doyle [ 7 Sep 2017 ]

96.5FM - Egyptian radio show at Melbourne Town Hall with HH Pope Tawadros II and Melbourne Lord Mayor Mr Robert Doyle Thursday 7th Septmeber 2017.


Welcome to Melbourne Australia your Holiness;

Q1]     Is this the first time you spend Nairouz [ Coptic New Year ], away from home ?

1.1           How do you feel ?

               No red dates or Guavas !

1.2           Any nostalgia ?


Egypt’s tourism numbers have been declining over the past 6 years,

Q2]     Would you accept the invitation to deliver mass in the next ANZAC

            [ Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. ] day dawn service Cairo [ 25th April 2018 ], so that all Australians

             can finally pay their respects to all WW1 soldiers resting in Egypt ?.


Coptic Churches in the Holy Land;


            Deir El Sultan






Q3]     What are your directive about Copts visiting these churches in the Holy Land ?    




You asked Austalia’s Prime Minister Mr Malcolm Trunbull [ Wednesday 6th Sep 2017 ], to help

          Egypt with it’s, Economy, Education and Media ;


Q5]     How do you want Australia to help Egypt’s Media ?






Jerry Guirguis


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