Program News

Musical Theatre Melodies - 12th January - "Pacific Overtures"

Rob Morrison's next "Musical Theatre Melodies" broadcast on Tuesday, 12th January at 9 p.m. will feature a 40th Anniversary tribute to Stephen Sondheim's Pacific Overtures, (inspired by the history of the Westernization of Japan, beginning in 1853 with the visit of Commodore Perry on behalf of the U.S.), from the 1976 original Broadway cast recording starring Mako, Soon-Teck Oh, Isao Sato, Yuki Shimoda, Sab Shimono, Ernest Abubaand, James Dybas, Timm Fujii, Haruki Fujimoto, Larry Hama, Ernest Harada, Alvin Ing, et al.

This will be preceded by a 'live' telephone introduction to the musical from New York-based theatre critic and Internet columnist - Peter Filichia.