Program News

MUSICAL THEATRE MELODIES - 14th February - "Privates on Parade"

Rob Morrison's next "Musical Theatre Melodies" broadcast on Tuesday, 14th February at 9 p.m. will feature a 40th Anniversary tribute to Denis King and Peter Nichol's Privates on Parade, from the original 1977 London - Royal Shakespeare Company cast recording starring Denis Quilley, Ian Gelder, Nigel Hawthorne, Joe Melia, Tim Wylton, Emma Williams, Ben Cross, Simon Jones and Neil McCaul.

This will be preceded by an introduction to the musical (via Skype) from London-based musical theatre historian, archivist and author - Rex Bunnett.

The remainder of the broadcast will feature selections from Irving Berlin's musical revue This Is The Army, from the original 1942 All-U.S. Soldier cast recordings, plus Irving Berlin himself.