Program News

MUSICAL THEATRE MELODIES - 3rd January - "Pacific 1860"

Rob Morrison's next "Musical Theatre Melodies" broadcast on Tuesday, 3rd January at 9 p.m. will feature a 70th Anniversary tribute to Noel Coward's Pacific 1860, from the 1946 original London cast recording starring Mary Martin with Graham Payne, Sylvia Cecil, Daphne Anderson, Ann Martin, Ann Sullivan, Irlin Hall, Peggy Thompson, Joy O'Neill, Daphne Peretz, Maria Perelli and Winefride Ingham.

This will be preceded by an introduction to the musical (via Skype) from London-based musical theatre historian, archivist and author - Rex Bunnett.

The remainder of the broadcast will feature song selections from the 1955 U.S. television soundtrack recording of Together with Music starring Noel Coward and Mary Martin.