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Nick's Mix - 27th February 2016 - 8 - HOLE

HOLE IN THE HEAD - Sugababes (‘Three’)
TRIPPIN’ ON A HOLE IN A PAPER HEART - Stone Temple Pilots (‘Tiny Music ... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop’)
HOLE IN THE RIVER - Crowded House (‘Crowded House’)
FIXING A HOLE - The Beatles (‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’)
HOLE IN MY HEART - Cyndi Lauper (‘Vibes’ film soundtrack)
BIGGER HOLE TO FILL - The Hives (‘The Black And White Album’)
HOLE IN THE WALL - Billy Idol (‘Billy Idol’)
BLACK HOLE SUN - Soundgarden (‘Superunknown’)
HOLE IN THE WORLD - Eagles (‘Long Road Out Of Eden’ Deluxe Collector’s Edition bonus track)
THEME FROM THE BLACK HOLE - Parliament (‘Gloryhallastoopid (Or Pin The Tale On The Funky)’)
HOLE IN MY POCKET - Sheryl Crow (‘C’mon C’mon’)
HOLE TO FEED - Depeche Mode (‘Sounds Of The Universe’)
HEAD LIKE A HOLE - Nine Inch Nails (‘Pretty Hate Machine’)
HOLE IN THE SKY - Black Sabbath (‘Sabotage’)
DIG YOUR OWN HOLE - The Chemical Brothers (‘Dig Your Own Hole’)
HOLE IN MY SHOE - Neil (‘Neil’s Heavy Concept Album’)
DEEP IN THE HOLE - AC/DC (‘Flick Of The Switch’)
HOLE IN THE EARTH - Deftones (‘Saturday Night Wrist’)
SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE - Muse (‘Black Holes And Revelations’)
HOLE IN MY SOUL - Aerosmith (‘Nine Lives’)
RABBIT HOLE - The Temper Trap (‘The Temper Trap’)
HOLE HEARTED - Extreme (‘Extreme II Pornograffiti’)

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